Bronze sculpture is a new medium for me, but I'm really enjoying the challenges! My emphasis in my work is some of the lesser depicted species, including trophy animals that I have had the opportunity to pursue, and a few I would love to see in the wild. I'm also doing the patinas, or the coloration, on the bronze, a very involved art in itself, and one I will be learning a lot about in the years to come. Each piece is totally unique...and as they are produced on demand, there is a 3-month wait for most pieces. Sizes listed are height and width, including a granite or wood base. I also show images of works in progress, clay sculptures in the process of becoming bronzes.

Check out my first monumental sculpture, "Languid Lady", 8 feet long!

The latest of my sculptural adventures is called "Emergence". It features multiple mediums joined together and painted to show the subject emerging from the background. I'm very excited about this new process, and I will have these unique and one of a kind sculptures at my shows in 2017!

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A True Lord
Sculpture - A True Lord -
Forever Vigilant
Sculpture - Forever Vigilant -
Prince of the Pamirs
Sculpture - Prince of the Pamirs -

Sculpture - Bushbuck -
The Challenger
Sculpture - The Challenger -
Up And Away
Sculpture - Up And Away -

Big Stud
Sculpture - Big Stud -
The Prince Of Turkey
Sculpture - The Prince Of Turkey -
Showing Off--Nyala
Sculpture - Showing Off--Nyala -

Languid Lady
Sculpture - Languid Lady -
Sittin' Pretty
Sculpture - Sittin Pretty -
Sculpture - Bee-eaters -

Kashmir MarkhorSculpture -
Kashmir Markhor

Leap Of FaithSculpture -
Leap Of Faith

Ebony EleganceSculpture -
Ebony Elegance

Zebra DuikerSculpture -
Zebra Duiker

Sculpture -
Sculpture - Confluence -

Sculpture - Belligerence -
Sculpture - Ambuscade -
Sculpture - Monarchal -

Sculpture - Maternal -
Sculpture - Truculence -
Sculpture - Expeditious -

Mater Familias
Sculpture - Mater Familias -

Bush JewelSculpture -
Bush Jewel

CenturionsSculpture -

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