Cynthie Fisher's Wildlife Art

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"Ambush!" -Cynthie Fisher's Wildlife Art
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Montana wildlife artist Cynthie Fisher has been studying the behavior of and painting Birds, Ducks and Water Fowl, Predators and North American, African and Asian animals her entire life.

On this web site you will find a biography of Cynthie Fisher, her contact information , pictures of her recent safaris and reference gathering trips, information about bartering and trading for original artwork and a schedule of her shows and exhibits.

Cynthie Fisher's original paintings are collected by private collectors and large corporations world wide. The North American Originals section of her web site displays many of her latest pieces featuring North American wildlife such as wild horses, sporting dogs, wolves, water fowl, ducks, pheasant, ruffed grouse, salmon, trout, deer, elk, wild sheep,pronghorn antelope, bears, dolphins, orcas and songbirds. Cynthie's African Originals give you a taste for her understanding of nature and animal behavior, especially the predator / prey relationships. This gallery features paintings of Africa's big cats and the grazing animals they feed on. Here you will find paintings of zebra, cape buffalo, Lord Derby eland, kudu, elephant, gemsbok and even a bongo. Samples of her versatility can also be seen in her African Big Five painted on an elephant ear. Asian Originals features paintings of Asia's wild Marco Polo sheep as well as other seldom-depicted species of Asian sheep and wildlife.

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*Due to the fact that many different publishers are involved in producing Cynthie's prints, a comprehensive catalog is not available. If you have questions that aren't answered on this site, please feel free to call!*

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