Original Scratch Board

"Just what the heck IS scratchboard, anyways?"

I hear that question a lot at shows, where the dramatic and highly detailed appearance of scratchboard stands out. Scratchboard is just that; a piece of hardboard that is covered in a thin layer of white clay and painted with black India ink. I use various tools to scratch lines through the black into the white clay layer, and then when I'm satisfied with the scratches, I color them delicately with watercolor washes. The boards do NOT come with colors underneath, like the crayon scratch drawings we all did as kids!

These one of a kind originals all come elegantly framed with double matts and classy frames. I tend towards animals with strong patterns, stripes or spots, and lots of color for dramatic impact.

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Jungle Ghost--BongosoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Jungle Ghost--Bongo

Languid LadyOriginal Scratch Board -
Languid Lady

Mandarin BeautysoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Mandarin Beauty

Showing OffsoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Showing Off

Cheery ChickadeessoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Cheery Chickadees

The Peanut GallerysoldOriginal Scratch Board -
The Peanut Gallery

Vulterine VariationssoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Vulterine Variations

BelligerentOriginal Scratch Board -

Buddies--MacawsOriginal Scratch Board -

At The Waterhole--WaxbillsOriginal Scratch Board -
At The Waterhole--Waxbills

Silent StalkerOriginal Scratch Board -
Silent Stalker

Time For A SnackOriginal Scratch Board -
Time For A Snack

Bezoar IbexsoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Bezoar Ibex
On Alert
On AlertOriginal Scratch Board - On Alert -
On Alert

Jungle BeautysoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Jungle Beauty

Gouldian FinchesOriginal Scratch Board -
Gouldian Finches

Transcaspian UrialOriginal Scratch Board -
Transcaspian Urial

Impeyan PheasantsOriginal Scratch Board -
Impeyan Pheasants

Alaskan MonarchsoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Alaskan Monarch

Keeping Up AppearancessoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Keeping Up Appearances

Blackburnian WarblerOriginal Scratch Board -
Blackburnian Warbler

Grey Breasted KingfishersoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Grey Breasted Kingfisher

At The WaterholesoldOriginal Scratch Board -
At The Waterhole
Indian RoyaltyOriginal Scratch Board - 19 -
Indian Royalty

Jungle SpiritOriginal Scratch Board -
Jungle Spirit
Snow PatrolOriginal Scratch Board - 21 -
Snow Patrol

Clouded LeopardsoldOriginal Scratch Board -
Clouded Leopard

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