Giclees (pronounced "zshee--clay")in a fancy French word for ink sprayed on canvas, and so it is! These are produced one at a time by a local printer here in Montana, and I retouch them by hand if necessary. Most are in editions of 50, signed and numbered, and I sell them as rolled canvases in a tube. If you see an original painting that you might want as a giclee print, give me a call, and we can see if that's a possibility. I can also produce certain giclees at other sizes upon demand; give me a call and find out more details.

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High And MightyGiclees -
High And Mighty

Patterns In The GrassGiclees -
Patterns In The Grass

Grey Ghosts Of NamibiaGiclees -
Grey Ghosts Of Namibia

Above The CloudsGiclees -
Above The Clouds

Too Close For ComfortGiclees -
Too Close For Comfort

On To Higher GroundGiclees -
On To Higher Ground

Dusty SuspicionsGiclees -
Dusty Suspicions

Altai MonarchsGiclees -
Altai Monarchs

Bison Under The FlatironsGiclees -
Bison Under The Flatirons

King Of The HillGiclees -
King Of The Hill

Bengal BeautyGiclees -
Bengal Beauty

Southern Africa CollageGiclees -
Southern Africa Collage

Sheep StudiesGiclees -
Sheep Studies

Trout StudiesGiclees -
Trout Studies

ConfrontationGiclees -

Jungle RefugeGiclees -
Jungle Refuge

A Touch of BlueGiclees -
A Touch of Blue

In God's CountryGiclees -
In God's Country

The Rear GuardGiclees -
The Rear Guard

His Secret HidewayGiclees -
His Secret Hideway

On To Higher GroundGiclees -
On To Higher Ground

On Alert--GemsbokGiclees -
On Alert--Gemsbok

Polar PlungeGiclees -
Polar Plunge

WapenziGiclees -

Napili GatheringGiclees -
Napili Gathering

Lord Of The JungleGiclees -
Lord Of The Jungle

Tundra KingGiclees -
Tundra King

The Kopje MaleGiclees -
The Kopje Male

Pursuit In PakistanGiclees -
Pursuit In Pakistan

Ladies FirstGiclees -
Ladies First

Winner Takes AllGiclees -
Winner Takes All

A Cautious ApproachGiclees -
A Cautious Approach

Into The FrayGiclees -
Into The Fray

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